Born on the beaches of Marrowstone Island, WA.

We are proud to offer wild-caught seafood and locally sourced farmfare at several farmers markets in the Seattle metropolitan area. 


Growing up on Mystery Bay, nestled between the Straits of Juan de Fuca and the Pacific Ocean, our lives revolved around the sea. For three generations, we worked, played, camped, and cooked on the beach. Our daily catch would consist of oysters, clams, salmon, perch, and flounders - all harvested on our family tidelands.

We were always overjoyed when a group of us were together in this environment - and in a small way - we want to take you to that place to better experience the presence, romance, and bounty of the sea.

In 2003, we joined the amazing group of farmers markets along the Olympic Peninsula and Seattle area, serving wild-caught seafood and locally grown farm-fare. Over the past 15 years, our catering company has grown and today our menu includes wild salmon, prawns, shellfish, and cod. Additionally, we make our own proprietary seafood chowder. We would love to share our wild catch with you at any of our farmer’s market locations!


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Check out any of our 11 farmers market booths today and enjoy a wild sockeye salmon slider or a bowl of Caribbean seafood stew.



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